Customers overseas who want to purchase Annie’s Way products can refer the shopping instruction of oversea order: https://goo.gl/PFz6hH

Customers in Taiwan who want to purchase Annie’s Way products, but cannot read Chinese shopping directions, please contact our customer service directly, thank you.
E-mail: sales@anniesway.com.tw
Line ID: anniesway

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Dear guests, the following is a description of navigating and shopping on the Annie’s Way website. Please contact our Customer Service (upper right) should you have any inquiry.


[1] Register as a member

■ For guests buying Annie’s Way products for the first time, in order to ensure smooth transactions and product shipping, guests are required to register as members and use the methods of payment available on the website.

■ The following is a description on how you can become a member of the Annie’s Way website:

1) Please click「 Member sign in>Registration 」 and enter the required information to complete the registration process.

2) Changing your password
Please click Member sign in>My account>Change password 」to reset your password. Once you have changed your password, click 「 Continue 」to save your new password, which you will be able to use for subsequent sign ins.

3) What to do if you have forgotten your passwordPlease click Member sign in>Sign in>  I forgot my password 」and enter the email address that you have provided for member registration and click Continue 」. Your new password will be sent to you via email.


 If you do not receive an email from Annie’s Way containing your new password after a while, the mail might have been flagged as a spam mail by your mail client. If this happens, please check your spam mailbox. To prevent loss of email, please configure sales@anniesway.com.twas a non-spam mail address and add it to your contacts.

[2]Online shopping

Please click Latest productsorBuy onlineon our homepage to place your order; should you have any inquiries, please refer to How to orderor contact our Customer service.

■For visitors who are unable to use our online shopping system for any reason, our products can also be purchased in the following ways. Thank you. 

Other methods of ordering:

Order by phone: guests wishing to purchase our products can dial our toll-free line at +886-7-3987868 and our staff will assist you with your order placement. Happy shopping!

Order by e-mail: guests can also send their orders by email to sales@anniesway.com.tw, and our staff will assist you with your order placement. Happy shopping!
Order by Line: guests using Line can add our customer service account “anniesway” and place their order using the APP. Our staff will assist you with your order placement. Happy shopping!
■ Note: Be sure to leave your correct email and phone number so that we can contact you when necessary.
[3] Confirm product quantity for your order

■ Please be sure to double check the products you have chosen, quantities and unit prices before proceeding to the next step of payment.
■ All products are sold in the currency of New Taiwan Dollars (NTD). Please be sure to select NTD as the currency for payment when you checkout, thank you.
■ Please note that an order will only be accepted with full payment. Additional expenses including foreign exchange in the buyer’s country, handling fees and so forth shall be covered by the buyer and will not be included in the amount showing on the order.

[4]Select shipping and payment method

■ Presently, shipping is only available for territories not listed underGlobal distribution. If your country is listed under Global distribution, please contact us.
■ All shipping will be made via EMS.
■ Please note that overseas orders will require international delivery and the importing country may charge the buyer relevant import fees (i.e. Import Duty Fee, Vat Cost… etc) which, depending on the tax regulations imposed by the importing country, may differ in amount and ratio. Customers are advised to verify the import fees involved prior to placing an order. Should the customer choose to return products due to excessive import fees, Annie’s Way will deduct product handling fees and return shipping from the refund payment. If a product is not returned in its original condition as shipped (i.e. with seals broken and so forth) or when a customer fails to inform Annie’s Way regarding product issues within 14 days after receiving the product, Annie’s Way reserves the right to decline the request for return. Customers may contact us regarding any question they may have about our products.
■ The shipping fees for each order placed are generated automatically by our system. Please contact us if you have any question regarding shipping fees.
■Please use Paypal for orders with amounts below NTD 20,000 and make the amount payable to 
sales@anniesway.com.twPayPal is used in more than 190 countries around the world and supports payment made in numerous currencies for safe and convenient transactions. Buyers can also choose Line Pay as a method of payment.
■ For orders exceeding NTD 20,000, please pay by T/T or credit card.
■ Credit card: the interface has been encrypted for online authorization of your credit card payment. The process is fully secured.
■ T/T payment: please contact us at 
sales@anniesway.com.tw prior to placing your order.
■ Customers from ‘foreign exchange control’ contries, we accept BTC, ETH, and LTC, please contact us at 
sales@anniesway.com.tw prior to placing your order.

Note: Shipping fees will vary for overseas orders depending on the country/territory where the buyer is located.

[5] Confirm delivery information
■ Be sure to enter the correct recipient name, telephone number, receiving address and preferred shipping time to prevent unwanted complications in the process of shipping, which may delay the shipping time. Thank you.

[6] Complete order
■ If you see “Order complete” on the screen, it means you have successfully completed the ordering process. After placing your order and making the payment successfully, it may take a few days for the transaction to be converted to an order in the system. Orders in Taiwan typically will be shipped within 30 work days (excluding statutory holidays) after an order is finalized. For more details on the exact time of delivery, please clickCustomer service(upper right).

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To Our Dearest Customers:

If you are passengers traveling to Taiwan, and would like to bring back our products, please be informed following messages:

1) Please place and complete order process 7 days before your departure date (from your country), and fill in below information, point 1&2 at the remark column (see below illustration). We will pay attention after receiving your order and arrange shipping in time, thank you.


  1. The retention period in Taiwan.
  2. Contact phone no#, if your mobile is not workable in Taiwan, please provide telephone no# of your hotel, your personal e-mail or other contact ways that are reachable to you.

2) Delivery time: after receiving your order, we’ll deliver the goods within three days (promotional products, and pre-order goods delivery time are not the same as above, and would be reported separated). When the order situation appeared this icon 美白推薦 means your order is delivered.

  1. to assigned address: the arrival date normally is next date of delivery date.
  2. to convenient store (7-11, Family mart, OK, Hi-Life): the arrival date normally is around 4-5 days after the delivery date and sometimes would be longer depending on the delivery process of convenient store. For those passengers that choose delivery method to convenient store, please pay attention the delivery lead time.

3) Delivery method: In order to deliver on time, it’s recommended to choose delivery method as “to assigned address”

  1. To assigned address: please remember to provide completed information to us, including: Receiver’s name, hotel name, hotel address, room no#, hotel telephone. Our currier would deliver the goods to assigned hotel and leave the package to receptionist for payment pre-paid order. Please inform hotel receptionist in advance or please advise assigned arrival time while placing order and stay in hotel at the assigned time to avoid deliver failure.
  2. To convenient store (7-11, Family mart, OK, Hi-Life): we don’t recommend to choose this deliver method. For those passengers who choose this deliver method, please leave correct name because our currier will request you to show your ID and if the name is different, it might cause delivery failure.

4) Payment method: we’ll arrange delivery after the payment is received. Passengers can arrange payment via paypal, credit card, or bank transfer. 

5) After the order is established, please notify us your order number by informing our store manager 美白推薦and we’ll pay attention for your order delivery.


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Annie’s Way Shopping Cart cares a great deal about the user’s privacy and has established the following policy of privacy protection. Please kindly take a moment to peruse the following contents.


The content of Annie’s Way’s Privacy Protection Policy covers how the website handles personal identification data that is collected when users use our website services and any personal identification data shared by business partners that are in collaboration with our website.
This Privacy Protection Policy is not applicable to other companies or personnel not hired or managed by Annie’s Way Shopping Cart.
When you register an account, use products or services on this website, browse this website, take part in events or collect prizes, Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will collect your personal identification data. In order to ensure your privacy and data security, your account data is secured with password protection.
This website may also obtain user’s personal information from our business partners.

Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will automatically receive and record the relevant server parameters on your browser (including IP Address, Annie’s Way cookies, and the log of web pages you have requested for access).
You have the right to change your account information at any time, and your privileges include the decision to receive notification from Annie’s Way Shopping Cart regarding special events and new products.
This website will use your information and data for the following purposes:


Improvement of advertisement and web page contents for you.

Completion of your request regarding specific product and notifying you about our special events or new products.


Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will never sell or loan your personal identification information.
Under the following circumstances, Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will provide your personal identification information to competent government agencies, collaborating partners/companies:
When Annie’s Way Shopping Cart has to share your information with our collaborating partners/companies in order to deliver the products or services you have requested.

Sharing your information on the behalf of Annie’s Way Shopping Cart with suppliers of services/products so that we could deliver the products or services you need. (Without prior notification, these companies do not have the privilege of using personal information provided by this website for any purposes other than providing products or services).

When Annie’s Way Shopping Cart is required to provide your information in accordance with pertinent regulations or official documentations from competent government agencies requesting for such information.
When you have violated Annie’s Way Shopping Cart’s terms of service or specific guidelines for corresponding products or services through specific behaviors/actions.

In order to protect the privacy of individual users, we will not be able to search for the account information of other users for you and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Should you have the need to obtain other user’s information for legal affairs-related purposes, be sure to submit a formal request to a law enforcement agency and Annie’s Way Shopping Cart shall cooperate fully with the law enforcement agency by providing all relevant information/data in our possession to assist with the investigation.

Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will configure and access Annie’s Way Shopping Cart cookies on your PC.
Annie’s Way Shopping Cart enables advertisers featured on our website to configure and access cookies on your PC. Please note that other companies will adhere to their specific privacy protection policy in the use of cookies instead of this policy. Other advertisers and companies will not be able to access Annie’s Way Shopping Cart cookies.

When Annie’s Way Shopping Cart is engaging in tasks relating to our products and services, it will access our website and network to access the cookies.

Under specific circumstances, Annie’s Way Shopping Cart will use standard SSL encryption to ensure the security of data transmission.


Annie’s Way Shopping Cart reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Should any significant changes be made to regulations governing the use of personal information, you will be notified regarding such change through announcements we put up on our website.

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ANNIE’S WAY Secret Garden Black Mask Series Usage Demonstration

ANNIE’S WAY Invisible Silk Mask Series Usage Demonstration

ANNIE’S WAY Jelly Mask Usage Demonstration

ANNIE’S WAY Invisible Silk Eye Mask Usage Demonstration

ANNIE’S WAY 3D Elasticity Lift Up Mask Usage Demonstration

ANNIE’S WAY Supreme Diamond Light Feather Mask Usage Demonstration

Product Usage

Jelly Mask Usage


1. After cleansing the face.
2. Using a spatula to apply Jelly Mask evenly and approximately 0.3-0.5cm thickness.
3. After 15-30 minutes, remove the Jelly Mask by scraping gently.
4. Wipe off with tissue and rinse with water.
5. Apply skincare products or paper mask for heightened effect and two applications a week is recommended.

Friendly Reminder: For first time users, use only for 5 minutes as a test. Follow your individual skin condition to adjust future length of applications. Please do not leave product on skin over 30 minutes.

Invisible Mask Usage美白推薦

1. Gently unfold mask & place cloth side on face.
2. Remove white backing sheet & adjust slits to custom fit.
3. Relax & enjoy the treatment for 10-20 minutes.
4. Toss & Glow!

Eye Mask Usage


1. Gently unfold eye mask & place cloth side on face.
2. Remove white backing sheet & adjust slits to custom fit.
3. Relax & enjoy the treatment for 10-20 minutes.
4. Toss & Glow!

Jelly Spray Usage



※The products have passed quality inspections and are not for medical use. Do not apply the products on skin with wounds, swelling, or abnormal condition.

※For the first time user or users with sensitive skin, please test the products at a local area to ensure no allergic reaction occurs before applying to the whole face. Usage frequency can be adjusted based on the individual’s skin condition. Please stop using the products immediately and consult a physician when skin irritation occurs.

※The skin care products are not intended for medical treatment. They will not achieve immediate effect. To improve skin condition, please use them for a prolonged period of time.

※It is advisable to adjust skin care product selection periodically according to the individual’s age, skin condition and seasons of the year. Consulting a dermatologist is also advisable.

※To ensure products’ quality please use them immediately after opening.

※Shelf life 2-3 years. Please store in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.

※For user with sensitive skin, please use with care. If allergic reaction occurs, please stop using the products immediately, wash with large amounts of water and consult a dermatologist.

※Facial mask is a disposable product for external use only. Please do not reuse it or use it in food. Keep out of reach of children.

※Not recommended for severely sensitive skin and skin that has just undergone medical beauty treatment.

※All products have been insured Xin’an Tokyo Marine NTD 10 million product liability insurance.

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Category: English

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